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None to talk about. 
Funniest one I heard was about an actress who
would scream regularly to have a permanently hoarse,
interesting voice. 
I like the idea of putting something comical into an
intense drama, and being intense in absurd circumstances within a comedy.

An addict is like a bad imitation of a human being.
Addiction is the abdication of choice.
At least we should choose what we're going to abdicate our choice to!

You’re employed by your addiction.  And it’s an unregulated place to  work.
It’s not the doing of the drug – It’s the doing of the stuff you do to get the drug.
Drugs may give you your fantasies, but they never give you your dreams.
Drugs aren’t a death wish. They’re a control of your death wish.
Binge sobriety
Feeding the monster who’s starving you.
For some people it should be said,
You can only commit to what you're addicted to.
So trick your mind into thinking it's addicted
to anyone you'd like to commit to.


You know you have an eating disorder if after you eat you're never full, just disappointed. You know you have an eating disorder if after you eat you're never full, just full of shame.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *

Hostility is the aftertaste of anger.

My life is going to kill me. We all get angry when we realize that. But the anger is fear.  

Chicken (of your own) shit.

Have you noticed that many of these skinny actresses have named their kids after food?
We get names like Apple and Coco because the mothers are hungry.
They want food in their lives, and this is the only way they’ll allow themselves to do that.
A codependent feels their value is predicated upon a willingness to devalue themselves.
Abused women are not afraid to leave...They're afraid he'll leave.

I heard a wise woman once say:
"Of course I turn my men into children. You can love your children even if they lie".
"I’m really good at making friends with my enemies".
When inseparable becomes indistinguishable.
I tell it like I want to see it.
I keep inviting people into my life, and then resenting them for showing up.
I have been convicted of a crime I am guilty of.  How often do you hear that?
But in the case of the people portrayed in that play, they honestly were not guilty. 
I wouldn’t put it past our legal system to develop a defense for parents who kill their own children, saying these parents are experiencing battered person syndrome Sleepless nights, whatever.
Just because they’re prisoners does not mean they’re criminals.
I believe that if a defense attorney knows their client’s guilt,
and if the crime pattern involved compulsion, and therefore that person
will re-commit the crime, that attorney needs to resign during the case,
and if they bring that criminal to freedom, the attorney
has committed a crime, and should be disbarred.
If someone’s evil, they may not have a conscience, but they do have a psyche.
I don't drink because I might say things I mean, but don't mean to say.     
Realizing I’m not God.  And I’m not God’s gift.

I knew too many assoholics.
When the only thing that makes you feel better is to feel bad…
“What are you drinking about?”
Drink for a hangover.
Anything really good becomes torture if you get too much of it.
Take a massage, for instance.  Something you wish could go on forever
can become a form of torture if it actually does.
We hate ourselves for what we like: Food, Sex, Vacationing...             
Too much of a good thing.

I don't give. I indebt


Immaturity is not a sign of innocence.

Life is hell and highs, and fighting to avoid both.
I've become what I'm up against.
You don't have to have a common enemy to find common ground. 
Attempted Outfit #1
I don't exercise. I fidget.

Life finally relieves itself.
Death is so silent.
You can either die from it,
or live through it. You improve your chances of having what you love by the practice of loving what you have.
Wanting things you don't have is a hard habit to break.
And it's not broken by wanting less.
It's broken by settling less.
Living without what you want leads to not having what you need.
In order to get what you want,
you have to be willing to walk away from what you don't want.


People embrace life and abhor death because life begins your opportunity to be remembered.Death beings the short road towards being forgotten(Think a thousand years from now). 


Keaton Simons
Morgan Simons
Emma Roberts
Be mad about your kids, instead of mad at your kids.
*ALEC BALDWIN (in comedy)
Violence clones itself. Don't hit your kids. 
I had two parents who were children, so I grew up to be a child.
It’s not your children’s job to provide a vent for your anger and frustration.  If they are given this job, they will make a career of it.
Why do people think they can yell their teenagers into desirable behaviors?
That’s like yelling at a tornado to stop spinning.
All we can do is decide what to do to keep ourselves safe, and to learn as much as we can about this force of nature.


Whatever we impose on our children prepares them only for that thing itself....To create that same thing themselves.

It does not prep them to cope with it any better. If we impose pressure on them, it prepares them only to impose pressure on themselves, not to cope with pressure.If we allow them a very un-pressured childhood, that provides them a way to be at peace.They become un-pressured people, whether they’re under pressure or not.Drugging children prepares them for drugs. It doesn’t prepare them to cope with whatever we’re drugging them for.


Unrealized talent does not make a comfortable chair, unless you’ve sat
on it your whole life, then it makes it a dangerously comfortable chair.
We are all in love with a dying person.
There's a difference between being loyal and being compulsive.
I believe there are these genius monsters. People who light up your world from afar, but burn it down if you step too close. Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemmingway, JD Salinger, Peter Sellers, Andrew Weil, Woody Allen…
You can't expect someone you're dating to make you Scarlett Johansson-proof, but you can still be madly in love...
Take your sandwich out for lunch. 

The freeways aren’t free if you pay with your life. Buckle up.
I don’t hate to toot my own horn…I’d just prefer someone else toot it.
I’ve always wanted to read a blurb about a breakup, and instead of hearing “there were no second parties involved”, I’d like to hear an honest answer, like “There were second, third, fourth and fifth parties involved.”
No marriage can survive communication.
Don't get married during the honeymoon.

Some people aren't looking for someone to marry. They're just looking for someone to direct their anger towards.
Just because I’m girl crazy doesn’t mean I like women.
  It's tricky to both support a family and care for one.
The two types of caring are often in conflict with each other.
We imbue people with all kinds of wonderful qualities when we are
overwhelmed with attraction for them, and we imbue our marriage
with all kinds of problematic qualities when sexual familiarity sets in.
Have you found yourself being accused of being brutal by a brutal person?
What’s behind that, is this:
The reason especially brutal people feel quietly brutalized by people like you is that they target you as someone they believe will take all their crap. So when you don’t take the crap, they feel brutalized.

The Tsunami of 2004 was not preventable.
Iraq was.  War is.
We need a president who helps us face the challenges
of peace, not war.

War is the wrong response to the challenges of peace.
When it’s a married couple trying to talk out their differences,
and one of them pulls a gun,it’s considered a crime.

Why is it not the same with government and nations?
I hope our TV screens continue to show us only forces armed with love and supplies, instead of those armed with weapons.
The message of the Tsunami is:
Make safe these orphans.  Stop creating new ones.

George W. Bush believes, if we can’t bring slaves here, we’ll go to them.
If all who had the right to vote were required to see a child die in war, wars would be waged solely by deranged compulsive sadists, like our present administration.
Back to Bush for a sec: he believes that every fetus should be born only to go kill and die less than two decades into the life he so magnanimously insures them...Or to die of curable diseases because he doesn't believe in the cure. What a sadist.
I feel bad about the pain experienced by Hillary & Chelsea,
but I’d rather have a president who has an affair “cause he can”
than a president who bombs and kills thousands of Iraqi children
and American teenagers “cause he can”.
Great leaders are the true minority.
Iraq isn't a war. It's a war crime.
"We are acting today in the memory of so many girls and boys
who've lost their lives in innocence in acts of cruelty.
No child should ever have to experience the terror of abduction or worse.
No family should ever have to endure the nightmare of losing a child."
Guess Who?
George W. Bush
Upon signing The Protect Act of 2003
"Be All That You Can Be" The "Pro Life" Version:
Designed to look just like the army commercial, BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE, JOIN THE ARMY...
And is the same, except that we replace the shots the commercial has of the front lines
with interview excerpts from a Vietnam soldier's interview about how his troops were rewarded
for "double kills", which consisted of "getting" any pregnant Viet Cong women.





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